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Oct. 29th, 2011




About Mommy:
Name- Lisa
Age- 24
Is this your first child?- Nope

About your partner:
Name- Thomas
Age- 25
Reaction to finding out you are pregnant- He was pretty happy, more so than I was I think ^_^;

When are you due- June 14th
Do you have a preference of boy or girl- No
Any names picked out- Yep =3
How are you feeling about being pregnant- Uh, I don't know. This pregnancy happened at a pretty crappy time in our lives (my husband got a 53% pay cut and lost 4-5 hours a week, and the next day we find out I'm pregnant). But by the time the baby comes we should be doing fine, and I am excited about having a new baby to cuddle so I don't know...I guess I'm mostly just worried. I'll be attempting a vbac and the closest vbac friendly hospital is 90 miles north from here.
Were you TTC or surprised- Surprised.

Oct. 24th, 2011


Weekly Update

How many weeks are you? 6w6d

How are you feeling?
Awful! For the first few weeks I was hungry for everything. Apparently that was my body loading up on calories because now I feel like I can't eat anything without getting sick. Last time I was pregnant I lost 20lbs in the first trimester, so I won't be surprised if I lose some this time around. Not good.

Any medical appointments this week or coming up?
Nope. Not sure when I'll schedule my first appointment...maybe 10-12 weeks or so.

Anything new happening?
My husband's grandmother passed away last week. We're going to be driving 10 hours to Philadelphia for the memorial service. Not looking forward to the drive with the nausea...but I am looking forward to seeing family.


Though I am taking weekly photos of my belly, it's not showing anything yet, I suspect it wont for quite a bit longer...so...

Here is one of my DD, Lilliana, at the pumpkin patch last week :)

Oct. 6th, 2011



Hi there,

I'm Bree.

26 years old, from Michigan.
Married to my husband for nearly 5 years. We are expecting baby #2 sometime in mid June. It's taken 11 months to get pregnant this time around so we are extremely excited! We will be having a HBAC if all goes smoothly.

We have one beautiful little girl who will be 3 next month (boy, how time flies).

We don't plan to find out the sex this time around. I would love to have another little girl, for ease of reusing things we already have, but ultimately happy and healthy is what we're aiming for.

Since we've been trying for so long we've pretty much settled on names already, but that could change with time:
Margot Emily or Orrin Michael.

I'm not sure what else to share at this point, but I look forward to getting to know everyone who joins!

Sep. 26th, 2011


Welcome to the June due date community!

Hi all due in June 2012!
I am your mod, Christie and I welcome all those who wish to join that are due in or around June.
Feel free to go ahead and post your introduction post when you join so that we can all get to know each other.

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